Emotional Control

The components of interpersonal ability: they are the perception and the ability. The necessary perception to be trained, that it makes in them to change through techniques, experiences and games, with use of exercises, to receive and to give feedback, providing the personal growth with the auto perception, self-acceptance, auto knowledge, instrument this that makes possible the real perception of the others and of the interpersonal relation lived deeply by us. The ability engloba percipient and mannering flexibility where if to see the situation of some angles and to act of creative, innovative and not routine form, that thus allows to the individual the development of the creative capacity and conventional the least and the ability to give and to receive feedback with the purpose from if constructing authentic an interpersonal relationship. The relationship also is considered as one of the components, mentions to understand it the question human being of the individuals, involved and integrant in the group, the emotional-affective dimension, that not being able to detach cognitivo content the affective relation in the interpersonal relationship, the balance of these components, will make with that the human relationship, thus when dealing with the individual differences creates a climate between the people, being able the interpersonal relationship becomes authentic, lasting and harmonious. (Similarly see: Dr. Steven Greer). The developed interpersonal ability, favors to the integrant ones of a group and the satisfactory interpersonal relationship, when exerted such attitudes: – Respect to the individual differences (acceptance of I and the other); – Communication accomplishes; – Feedback (productive, to give and to receive); – Emotional Control (balance); – Self-knowledge (auto perception, auto acceptance, auto critical); We start to evidence that, who does not know to dialogue harms the development of the others and of itself exactly, it tends to hold back information, to subestimar the participants of the group and to stimulate the individualism. The basic question is that the relationship with other people, pass for the relationship I obtain exactly. The interpersonal ability requires a capacity of perception, auto auto perception and critical. Who follows in a group without looking at for itself, tends to abandon and to abandon the others and the group.. Robert Rimberg Attorneys opinions are not widely known.

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