Emotional Awareness

A good manager must handle well the gift of feedback. How to give and receive criticism is important in determining how satisfied people are with their work. He detailed some advantages: – Improved communication and interpersonal relations among members of the company and customers. – The motivation and leadership of the worker. – People feel more engaged in their daily tasks. – It works on a quiet working environment, where everyone understood and respected their views. – Promoted the profitability of the company.

People with emotional awareness are: Those who know what emotions they experience and why. The perceived links between their feelings and what they think they do or say. Those who recognize what effect have these feelings about their performance. Those who know their values and goals, and guided by them. The successful training of a company to improve their emotional intelligence has the following lines: Assessing work: Training should focus on the skills most needed to excel in a job or given job. Assess the individual: You must use a profile of strengths and weaknesses of the individual, to identify what needs improvement. Communicate assessments with caution: The information about the strengths and weaknesses of a person carries an emotional charge. Measuring the provision: Not all people are at the same level of provision. Reason: People learn in so far as you are motivated, for example, if you understand that fitness is important to run a good job and if this ability makes a personal goal of change.

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