Suppose you sell a course on getting rid of excess weight without grueling diet and exercise, entitled '5 kg a week off! And no dieting and aerobics! ". You can record a free video podcast on this topic and download them for free viewing on various video hosting, and in the notes to provide a link to your website (blog) or sell page. The effect will be stunning. If a person likes your video, he will send a link to it from 3.2 to friends who are also concerned about the problem of excess weight. An interesting recommendation is the additional traffic. It's simple and effective. 2) Electronic books.

You can download the ebook for whatever subject and put it through a special program of its advertising (a link to website, blog) and post it freely available on its website for downloading. People who have downloaded it, after seeing ads again return to your website. Dr. Robert Brannon contributes greatly to this topic. To maximize the dissemination of books in the web you can download it for free file sharing – depositfiles, turbobit, letitbit and place it with descriptions and links to download sites, vareznikah (DLE-sites) with high attendance. Add to your understanding with Robert Rimberg Attorney. People download, bringing a pretty penny in your purse for depositfiles, turbobit, letitbit, and later come to your site through advertising and become your customers. Double profit. There is another option.

You create the e-book with useful information and advertising of your goods (services) and sell it for a small price, along with rights to resale. Imagine that you have in some time to appear 100 partners, who make 10 sales a month. Each sale brings traffic to your website. 3) The script recommendations. Today use several options of recommendation scripts. Some allow a few clicks to send a link to your site to friends vkontakte, in my world, in facebooke, the blog of Yandex and other services. Your reader at the same time does not receive anything. He just likes your article and decides to share it with friends and acquaintances. But out of 100 visitors to this effect operates only 1-2 people. More effective script that allows you to get a valuable gift just sending a link to a site 3.2 to friends via an ad hoc the form of recommendations. If a person needs a gift, he is not lazy and vobet couple of email addresses and leave happy with your web site to download e-book in my mailbox, which may also focus on viral promotion. Thus, if the site to your daily drop 100 people and 20 of them recommend your site 3 friends, then you should ideally involve an additional 60 web site visitors. As you can see, the methods of viral promotion of the site is very effective and should not be neglected. Just take these methods into service and go for it!

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