The Coacher Dantse

Good coaching can change a life and man long-term and positive achievements bring Darmstadt, March 16, 2009 – but the most important thing is freedom. A good Coacher must make his clients first, for free; get rid of old thinking, free from everyday constraints, free by the time function, free from fear, free from worry\”he argued further. In one of his talks before a select audience, he explained, what it with freedom and not be says: most people are not free, even if they think they are free. Their action is often affected. We are constantly manipulated, you want to administer a behavioral Codex people. What we say, talk, think, eat, drink, see, how we live, love, be etc. not have sex us imposed, but in a manner so fine that you unconsciously takes this up and aligns his life then set out.

Amazingly, nobody, why our behavior that tends to be the same wonders. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Teng Yue Partners. Why decisions and opinions of many, not to say equal are very similar to different people about a particular subject? To different problems in different spheres of life, always the same solutions are almost proposed 1-to-1 and taken over. A good Coacher helps its clients to break free. Someone who is free, more the fear isn’t afraid, has no worry more concern, is safe from uncertainties and is confident. And only when these negative elements are consciously considered a coaching can have long-term positive results are not just a temporary result of the effect. Therefore the first work of coachers is to persuade his clients to detect to liberate and to lead a new life with the goal to be successful at the end of this fact.\” The Coacher Dantse representing his skills very confident in his appearance, is very genuine and authentic, even if some people its unconventional style and self-confident appearance with arrogance title.

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