What Is The Scientology Religion?

At the dawn of the 21st century, scientific and technological progress have left the Humanities far behind. If those advances have, provided the methods to explore the surface of a planet about 300 million kilometers away, so they have caused human misery that permeates all countries, nor the scourge of drugs, which destroy millions of lives every day. Instead, they have produced weapons of such strength that they could destroy the entire planet in a few moments. And in the midst of all this the age-old questions of the people remain unanswered. Who am I? How do I get? And why am I here? The Scientology religion, born in the middle of the technological age of the 1950s and with scientific research methods developed by the founder L. Ron Hubbard, has answers to those old questions. Although founded Scientology in the tradition of the great world religions, but it is a practical religion.

It is based on precise axioms, basic Principles and laws of human behavior. Thus, it offers the possibilities for the people to know themselves. And the fact that he himself meets, he learns other people know and understand. The Scientology religion shares many beliefs with other religions and teachings. You considered a completely different perspective people as a spiritual being, not simply as flesh and blood the general scientific thinking that considers the person only as a material object, a complicated combination of chemical compounds and stimulus response mechanisms. The Scientology religion believes that man is basically good.

The experiences of the people, not its nature, have then led him to commit evil acts. Also, the Scientology religion believes that it is making progress, how to preserve its spiritual integrity and spiritual values in the mass and remains honest and decent. Conversely it deteriorated to the extent, how to give up these qualities. While other The Scientology religion is different from efforts the people to help, have tried to solve the problems for him. Because she believes that an individual who gets into a position in which he can increase his abilities, see the factors in his life easier in the eye and recognize them, is able to solve its own problems and improve his life. Life tends to force into the individual in certain values. The burden of existence can freeze the attention so much that own awareness about themselves and the environment is greatly reduced. So are problems, difficulties with other associated disease and misery. The goal of Scientology is to reverse this decreasing awareness and to awaken the individual in this sense. While someone is always attentive, increase his abilities and he is able to bring greater understanding, and thus better able to cope with life. The Scientology religion contains so solutions to the Problems of life, all with the result of increased awareness and spiritual freedom for the individual and the regaining of his fundamental decency, his strength and ability. These results are routinely achieved daily all over the world. A certificate for the operation of the Scientology is due to the fact that this practical religion in less than two generations on every continent has experienced widely 7,731 churches, missions and groups in 164 countries. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 24, 80802 Munich, TEL 0163-9102460, FAX 089-38607-109,

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