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A growing number of furniture manufacturers in the world attached to the various environmental programs to improve the environmental performance of industry. efec – voluntary environmental management system, which was created to help participants to develop and maintain strong, proactive environmental programs. World leaders in the manufacture of furniture through efec want to analyze, to understand better the impact on the environment related to production processes, raw materials, finished products and recycling processes. They want to get out of a simple framework for the implementation of legislation in the field of environmental protection and regulation, and want to become leaders in the world making environmental furniture. What would any cabinet from the manufacturer, any manufacturer of kitchen has been clean for the environment and as a consequence for the man himself.

And it becomes profitable. Appear financial and moral reasons for companies engaged in production of furniture and fixtures, to cross the front line and address the environmental problems today. Statistics increasingly show that purchasing decisions are made based on whether these products are environmentally safe. This manufacturer improves the health and safety of our environment and community at large. Many manufacturers are beginning to used in the manufacture of the final product eco-friendly ingredients such as soy-based foam products made of recycled steel, and pillows of the recovered fiber. We give an example from the world of practice. According to study of consumer demand (in dollars), most consumers would choose a mattress with an environmentally friendly composition, and a considerable number of willing to pay for a mattress more. The study found ssa ever-increasing consumer interest in various green issues.

The survey revealed that 79% of consumers are considered and said that they will choose a mattress with environmentally friendly components. According to a survey of 637 adults in the U.S., two-thirds of consumers are very responsible attitude to safe and healthy component of the products they buy. Safety of materials was the single most important environmental feature for consumers in choosing a new mattress (41%), choosing a mattress that does not require additional costs (15%), and a mattress that is produced by reputable manufacturers (10%). In addition, the study found that 39% of consumers indicated that they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly mattress. All this should indicate the manufacturers of furniture and fittings to the priorities and global trends in areas such as manufacturing cabinets, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. To do this, ensure transparency and awareness for consumers about the environmental requirements for the final product. Among the key results of the study SSA: – Three-quarters examined (76%) required 'natural', 'organic' or 'environmentally friendly' mattresses. – Two-thirds considered (69%) require mattresses, free of added chemicals. – More than half of consumer respondents (56%) required a 'green' certification. Consumer-oriented program for campaigns aimed at increasing the clarity and transparency for people making purchases in retail sales. These programs involve both firms in private ownership, and large corporations. As far as Russia is the practice in recent years, it's all we will have in 5 years, while in Moscow, possibly in retail stores already appears to produce "green" mark.

Monday, February 8th, 2021 News