Winter is Here, Lets Have Fun

Be positive. Winter need not be the time of the Flu. It is true, it seems lately that everyone and his dog walk contracting swine influenza, but if you’re careful, you can have a healthy and fun winter, and stay free of swine flu at all times. Just be careful: After all, the flu not only attacks people at random, you have to catch the flu by the spread of germs from an infected person. Let’s not get neurotic or paranoid about this, we will try to remain reasonable and talk about this: 1-Wash your hands.

That’s really quite easy, and will reduce your chances of getting or spreading germs. People who forget to wash their hands, especially after contact with other people or after riding public transportation, end then touching the nose, mouth or eyes, or touching the food you eat then, so it will infect same with the germs that they “unknowingly”, have caught from infected people. And this not only applies to the flu, also applies to a common cold in the winter can be quite unpleasant. 2-Be prepared. If you start to feel a little dizzy, feel some chills, some sneezing, and fever could be incubating flu and want to start treatment immediately. You can get drugs in, as well as making the best choice at the onset of symptoms.

Tamiflu can prevent flu from getting worse. Although you may start feeling better within a day or two, to assure that they have foiled an attack of flu, be sure to take Tamiflu for a total of five days in March-Keep a positive attitude and focus on your health. Eat right, exercise often and try to always have a smile! This article was written by Dr. Sylvia Fine, clinicians, family medicine specialist, and exercise.

Sunday, September 5th, 2010 News