Vedic Astrology

NavRatna, combines the old tradition of Vedic Astrology with today’s modern. This unique and beautiful at the same time medallion is your new source of energy in the trend of the 21st century. NavRatna the energy source in the 21st century the NavRatna medallion is the connection between old tradition and the self-conscious modernism. In the trend of the 21st century, we pay on our external, make fitness and feed us health conscious, but our inner energies are not enabled. The NavRatna medallion, is the perfect companion in everyday life. See Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for more details and insights.

Worn on the skin he passes recorded energies directly to its carrier and activated his inner powers. Treatment with precious stones is applied all over the world to cure various diseases. It was formerly the astrologers, in today’s modern times, it is the alternative medicine (naturopath), which have recognised the great value, and apply the half – & gems to the therapy in the prevention and the cure. The NavRatna Medallion can be used for the following therapies used be: for the strengthening of the immune system, intestinal complaints prevention against helps stomach ulcers, to detoxify the body to solve sexual problems, helps against depression help positive thinking, protects against disappointment acts against imaginary diseases (a complete collection of the curative effect of half – & gems they find on the Internet site) by today’s knowledge and also from various sources of astrologythat is proof that our life is affected by gravity and the electric and magnetic radiation of the planet. Light shades are emitted by the planet. The tones are identical to the colors of the various semi-precious and precious stones. The jewel grafted with the nine stones turns negative energies and this helps the wearer to spiritual healing to prevent disease, promote processes of recovery and it activates the body’s own healing powers.

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