The Survival

The problem ceases to be, including that of a simple opportunity to confront the regime, but it is the demonstration pathetic exercise of something that doesn’t exist. There is neither Parliament nor the possibility of conferring representation. We see some young enthusiasts and immature launching their nominations to members without realizing it has that the old system imposed them their traditional Knights by the autorreproducirse need to keep their privileges of caste. On the other hand the fascist power restricted, which considers suitable limits, the survival of old actors modifying here and there and establishing adequate conditions to encourage them to persevere in their existence, but without ever loosening them the possibility to become a majority again. We arrived, as well, in a dictatorship again cuno which yields a wedge of power to the displaced while citizens are not for the maintenance of democratic appearances to make, do not feel represented, the street does not grant them nothing but props to both sides exercise. Sprouts the impertinentes have called Ni-Ni and what other impertinentes greater become its so-called objective for to vote or to help defeat the regime. The crisis of legitimacy can be declared absolutely exploding. Conceived in the old liberal systems representativeness jumps through the air.

Representative democracy is made shreds on the pavement. The devaluation of the representation and legitimacy the representation can be taken from input as the impossibility of the exercise of direct democracy. In its origins it raised as a way to make rulers to exercise power with Apocalypsis acceptance of their constituencies. These ruling elites or representative were degenerating into castes opposite to the original spirit. We could accept that such evolution was relative to a system that was carrying the germ of reduction of democracy itself. However, it was considered the best way to manage the complex societies of the industrial era.

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 News