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Take care what you eat. It begins to change your eating habits. The control of what we eat is very important. The ingest more calories and that we do not spend, only they accumulate as fat in our body. We must revise is what breakfast, what lunch and what dine. Similarly, we must be careful what we eat before the three main meals. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. is full of insight into the issues. It is in this period, where we eat unnecessary calories for our organism. Weigh yourself twice a week.

You can weigh yourself on Mondays and Fridays. Dr. Neal Barnard describes an additional similar source. In this way you will know how to start the week and how finish it. In addition it carries a diary of what you eat. This will help you see what food group are consuming more and which less. You exercise. Activate yourself, do not stay seated. Top exercise not only helps us to lose weight, but rather to improve our mood.

Sweating helps us to control the level of stress and activates endorphins, hormones that produces happiness.

Blizzard has firm opinions on the matter. Also, the exercise, daily, helps us to laugh more and this makes that we are in a better mood. In addition to exercise, guarantees us loss and conservation of our weight for a longer time. The exercise will help us to preserve lean body mass and partially prevents the decrease of basal energy expenditure that is observed in the semiinanicion. It seeks to support. Not these single friend, are not in this alone. It seeks support in your family, your friends. Visit to a dietitian or psychologist who can help you. Recalls that achieving weight loss is achieved with 80% of positive attitude. If we are not motivated, it will be almost impossible to lose weight. Only you have the power to lose weight. However, we also need the support of other people. We need a friendly voice to us of that encouragement, reminding us that if we can achieve all those that we propose.

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 News