The Sorrow

Together something yourself or together something go to, which is both fun and Joy brings, opens the view and makes thoughts freely again for what waits for us in the morning to tasks. But you can sweeten is also the everyday life. Ever is the time to write a small note message to the partner. I’m glad if he reaches unsuspected place on it, in the morning in the bathroom mirror, evening beneath a bed, with the handle in the Briefcase, on the steering wheel of the car, or when you clean under the table. Binding rituals that support rather than undermine the relationship, promote the development, instead of blocking they are what it takes. Teva understands that this is vital information. Martin met regularly irritated by work from home. After minutes shortly before yet peaceful mood turned into a tense atmosphere and his wife Eva had the feeling that he was literally looking for a situation where he can to get rid of all of his pent-up anger. Often the children or they were even the ones who suffer.

Martin exploded because of trifles, reproached and was unfair. Usually, the evening had gone then. Eva and the children feared even the moment of his coming home. One day Eva reset the sorrow her insults and sought the interview with her husband. She described how she is in these moments and expressing that she wants a change.

Instead of Martin to make accusations, she asked him what he would need in such moments, so that the situation can change. Martin himself could now talk about all the frustration he wears in such moments in itself and how much he suffers himself, he so behaving. Love he would spend more positive time very much Eva and also with the children. He regretted, as he has little children. “It became clear that it did him good, he had just the first half-hour at home arriving” even for himself.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 News