The Skill

Soon after to finish the exercise it 6 day must after that initiate this. Relaxed body and mind, start to breathe deeply, as untied air, feels the body to weigh in the bed. To each breath that untied you feel its to corpoafundar in the bed, after you vary times making this. You now start to afocalizar and to imagine two things at the same time. Its body to sink and to vocsubir.

Breathing feeling the body to sink and at the same time you going up pracima. In the start it goes to have difficulty of attention in this, therefore its attention to vaiestar divided in two at the same time. See Beth Kobliner Shaw for more details and insights. As soon as to catch the skill, goes to start ase to feel more has led, in the dark one of the eyes, starts to come many images.assimque these images to start to appear, make use of the eye astral and start to aprestar attention in these images for the eye astral. 8 DAY TRAINING OF the TRIANGLE Arranges 3 great cans, oualgo similar, locates a can of the right side in the part of the deep one of its house, another one in the left side and another one in the front of its house. The night makes the 6 exercises of and 7 days. After this it makes use of its corpoastral that you created, skirt pra it are, imagines that its legs sink in choate close to the knee, then walks thus (it is as to be with the bogged legs nalama it ties close to the knee, to the floor it must force front and to feel esseesforo). Then in this state it walks ties the first can that must be daesquerda, when to arrive in it, of one it covers on of it, imagining the racket and onumero 1, goes there it ties the can in front of its house and makes the same, imagining onumero 2, and later it ties the can of the right imagining I number it 3, there left return for ada 4 and thus successively it ties the total of 21 times, with aspernas bogged in the soil it always ties close to the knee, and always making force with elaspara if to put into motion, in the same way they had been gotten bogged down in the mud.

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