The Nights

Mabel did not know to do. Realized that he was asleep, because your eyesight was lost in nothingness. He feared that if he shook it could hurt him. He opted to hug him tightly. Alex woke up under the pressure of his embrace. He saw her at his side and realising that it had one of its classical nightmares, he was reassured and tightly hugged her.

He was astonished to see that Mabel did not seem scared by the situation, on the contrary, still hugging it with force. He began to kiss her, sweetly first, and passionately afterwards. They made love at 3 in the morning. Later, both slept deeply. The next morning, while they were heading to their work, Alex apologized him for what happened in the previous night. He was afraid that Mabel told him, just like all the other girls he had met, that you no longer wanted to sleep with him, even despite the reaction from her of the last night.

Instead, he again felt their unconditional support. They continued talking topic throughout the journey. Mabel asked him if he knew why, had these nightmares. -Non – told him. -Began when I arrived in Ibiza. I guess they have to do with the bad things will happen in life – was the explanation that happened to Alex at that time. -If you don’t know the cause, it would be best to consult it-. She prompted him to visit a psychologist, or that ask you your doctor which could be the solution. I had enough experience to think that these disorders could be the beginning of an illness. Alex you said with determination, a little sarcasm, a bit annoying, that he did not believed in doctors, thus, far less in psychologists. Mabel remembered how much it had cost him to her ex-boyfriend accept consult a doctor and were told yes same, to be patient, that I do not rush things if I wanted to get results the nightmares continued happening but not all the nights.

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