The Miracle

Third had been saved by a miracle, but later it included/understood that it was by the little value of its head. From the beginning he was not safe, but it confirmed it to this. quite that was to the front of the group was one of the generals, Emilio Paulo, therefore pardoned their life to go in search of the Roman consul. Third lost its horse, which ran terrified when it had fallen. It only could find his lance and the shield.

It had to take refuge in some place, since it was exhibited the enemy cavalry. Luckily, the enormous and deep formation of the infantry was to the front. Reason why it went running did. Next to him there was a dozen of quites that was in the same situation. Some even conserved their horses. When arriving at the rows, it could feel a great lightening.

It tried to watch the front, but the enormous multitude, next to the annoying dust and the sun front, prevented him to observe what it was happening. Perhaps check out Teva Pharmaceuticals for more information. Optio noticed that many men watched at quites in the rows, many of them wounded, probably nervous when seeing that the cavalry was defeated, reason why it approached Third to ask to him to him for the situation. Third was surprised that the life of the general was its greater preoccupation. After being harassed by the Balearics slingers, the forces of Anbal were prepared for the fight. Third it only managed to catch a wave of lances that rose in the direction of the enemy. Thousands of pulled out of a scabbard pilum were sent and gladius. The war begins again. The Carthaginians fought with bravery, but they could not contain the force and the push of eight legions. He was unstoppable. The numerical superiority of the Romans was making the difference in the front.

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