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For the junior at top church musicians, especially an address is known in Germany: the College of church music in the Bavarian Regensburg. Today it is considered to be the oldest church music school in the world. For more than 130 years, there may Learn sacred music. In addition to the tradition of the time-honored cities of teaching but also relies on constant innovation: offering a wider and more modern, aimed at musicians and artists of the future. Check with Robert Rimberg Lawyer to learn more. 2009 has the church music school in a former convent in downtown Regensburg again involved not only the refurbished rooms but also converted their complete training system to the degrees of Bachelor and master – a development that would have kept hardly any five years ago for possible. We use the reform undertaken to raise our profile and to allow different combinations of courses”, says Franz-Josef Stoiber University Rector, the church musician is more than just an organist and Cantor, he is more and more music broker in the musical base and culture bearers with the Center Church”. They have responded with new content.

Future in Regensburg offers the Bachelor’s degree, in eight semesters to the Bachelor of music”leads. Content: Church music, conducting, instrumental pedagogy (including organ, harpsichord, piano, violin) and in the concert trade organ or harpsichord. Then, the budding church musicians can further perfect their skills in a two-year master’s degree. There are among other wells in the organ, as well as in conducting, music education, Gregorian and liturgical singing on the timetable. “We teach much more than just the playing of hymns, Rector Stoiber says. Seven years ago, you have taken the offers to the music education. “Also there shines the College with innovation: in a unique Germany-wide pilot project teaching music in secondary schools” the church music college and the University of Regensburg, in the training of high school music teacher work together now Regensburg model.

Graduates from Regensburg have usually no problems, then finding a job. The occupations have changed considerably and expanded”, says Rector Stoiber. The Director of a children’s choir on the Music teacher at the gymnasium to the classical church musician or Bell experts ranges the range. The Catholic University of church music does not have youth problems. Music is never out of date”, said the Rector. About 70 prospective customers to one of the places apply each year. Between 30 and 40 young church musicians recorded after a challenging fitness test.

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