The Age

It does not have to seem the age that has. – How nothing! But I look for to keep the form. You are that she is in full physical form. – Obliged, you he is that it is very gentile. – And you, already are definitively liveing here in the quarter? – Already arranged my house, you the pretty one, any day I take I you there. – And I will go with all pleasure. – Now I have that to go, later people if he speaks, little kisses.

– Until more Carlinha. Robert started if to approach to the adventure that it wanted to live, but did not want to be tachado as an old one assanhado, therefore he contained himself. Beyond being old for Carlinha, it he was married and never its wife had trado. it knows that it does not deserve such treason. The life goes passing and Robert is to each closer day of Carlinha, as much who already seats to take coffee and to play colloquy it are. Giselda does not distrust, is only one lady of the home. Still &#039 has resqucios of woman; ' Amlia' ' is not worried very about the husband.

After all it knows that it never gave to reasons for any suspicion. With passing of the Giselda time she notices that its husband walks more careful with the body, if has worried more about the appearance and walks until making exercises. But nothing that it desperte suspicion. – Until at last, it decided to take care of itself. Giselda spoke. – The age arrives and I do not want to be an old one all wrinkled. – I am liking to see! It can continue that I approve. In the truth Robert it was if preparing for Carlinha, the young made with that it despertasse for a new stage of the life.

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