One of the main reasons why we do not remove or change a behavior in us, is that we are simply not in a State suitable with our body and our mind, constantly dominates us anxiety, thinking about the way to change our habits, we treat every day of forcing our mind and body to make a change without thinking about the methods we are using to prepare us before starting this work. It is simple to understand, imagine yourself, on a day cold, many clouds, runs a breeze that almost that penetrates your bones, you are completely still (a). Suddenly an imminent danger is positioned behind you, your first reaction is to run, but your body has been exposed to adverse conditions that barely allow you a step coordinated, you try to run but your muscles are stiff and applied effort can end in a tearing physical. Eventually, resignation seizes it and desistes of the flight. This analogy is valid for processes that you want to change, but you’re not ready for execute. Before wanting to change something in you, it is necessary to get ready.

In this case, your mind must be receptive to understand these new operating instructions. Our basic tool in this case: meditation. Meditation to give a simple definition, is the State in which the two hemispheres of our brain, connecting from inside, to generate changes in the exterior. It is a State of complete peace of mind, aware, that allows to connect each one of our cells work harmoniously. Meditation is important for developing appropriate study techniques, to increase the memory capacity and develop appropriate rapid learning, that lets you understand and reinforce what they have studied. To develop good practices of meditation, we have to comply with certain essential conditions for the development of the process in the most natural way possible: accept that you’re a thinking being and which can always think better. It says overall desire for change from the inside to correct unwanted habits.

Be convinced of meditation as your home for a change always positive. With these three principles we can give home to our exercise. For now, tomato time, can be 20 minutes, sit and assimilates these three statements. In the next article, we will explain a practical technique for starters. Do not forget to tell us your experience, it is very important to the community. Until the next.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 News