We are subjects of the realm of virtuality. Our society is tied to scientific and technological model. Recently Dr. Stuart M. McGill sought to clarify these questions. Electronic commerce allows us to make bank payments, purchase airline tickets, buying holiday packages, appliances, and a long list of services. In the same way we work, friends and obtain the necessary information in the network. All that is technically possible is socially desirable, so maybe we could define our time and minimal human contact and maximum virtual relationship. The ATM, telephones with voice automated serving our requests, tickets on line to purchase tickets to shows and self-service supermarkets are everyday examples. The slogan is lower costs by eliminating jobs, ie, eliminating the human treatment. The important thing is not to deepen the self, or meditate or hugging, it is important to gain mastery of the techniques needed to properly make money by typing your key personnel, navigating Internet to purchase products and know how to locate the bar code reader that gives us the price of a commodity.

There is an ontological investment in our lives, the cultivation of friendship we have moved to become mass consumer society that all you need is to master the technology at their fingertips. Our grandmothers were unaware of the events in distant countries, but were aware of the problems and joys of his countrymen, we now have real time information of what happens in the world but hardly greet our neighbors. The proliferation of fertility clinics also illustrates: maximum and minimum reproductive sex, ie minimal human contact. In the sixties of last century, is advocated to make love, not war, in other words, maximum and minimum sex play with the use of contraceptives. The universal cell phone or by denomination in America, symbolizes what we suggest. It is not just a device that allows us to make and receive calls phone.

With the browser in the net, listen to music, that is, we isolate ourselves from other street people and get to move around the city without having to ask anyone. The greater complexity and performance have, the greater technical skill that we acquire for its management, distinguishing the generations educated in technology and producing a kind of generation gap. The paper agendas have been removed and stored our data wonderful chip. Each change of mobile has been damaged, stolen or damaged sim card to our contacts classified into two categories: those who will recover your phone number and they vanished forever. Ie the people that we hugged, and with that only contacted. The mobile PDA is therefore the metaphor of the lightness of our scientific-technological ideology: the superficial human relationships become virtual, exist only insofar as our cell phone working properly. The social animal that is man is polluting the reigning virtuality. Following the maxim of minimum human contact, practice sex without intercourse with a Web cam, we replace the gathering with friends in the chat at the cyber cafe and buy an appliance on the Internet without the advice of an expert salesperson. Kant sentenced read more and talk less about yourself, ie Illustrated for polemicizing use of reason and dialogue with your peers, aiming to grow morally and spiritually. Neither the Dionysian (the vital) and the Apollonian (reason) as distinguished Nietzsche, the triumph is the Matrix with the complicity of a society numbed by the mothers of our mobile ringtones.

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