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1.You can use the 'troubleshooting compatibility', ie if a program or game is not suited to the operating system then this program can be 'fit' under windows. For example the program Adobe Photoshop CS4 does not run unnecessarily, this program designed for 32 bit windows, then you can use the compatibility and deliver this program will work both on windows xp 32 bit. 2.Windows 7 when you connect a usb nebudu or other device to automatically download the driver system software and install them myself. More information is housed here: Dr. Robert Brannon. You do not need any effort to find the software and install it. Click Dr. Anthony Carolla to learn more. 3.You are free to choose the system update, windows 7 will download and install updates.

And you have to shake to 100-300 megabytes updates such as in windows vista, and a lot less. 4.In the Windows 7 standard have all the latest drivers is Direct X 11, a driver for video and audio card (not in a hurry to reinstall, since they can be better later rather than what you have), and etc. 5.Poslednee difference is the design and utilization of the system! This is the main plus for Windows 7. At Window 7 load no more than Windows xp. It is framed very nicely. This allows us to not clutter up the taskbar. Each open folder gets in section of the folder or each open page in a browser (Internet Explorer) is a sheet tab in the taskbar..


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