* You do not burst the shinbones: I know that the temptation is very great because bursting we managed it to diminish its size or to improve its disagreeable aspect or I inconvenience, but is not due to do because this has the risk of producing one more a more severe infection. * To take one showers after making exercise: this in order that the sweat does not contribute to the obstruction of its pores and produces more bud of acne. This is a very important consideration, especially because many people take a shower many hours after to have finished their exercise, and logically after a long time the damage already will be done. * It uses white and clean t-shirts: The white t-shirts tend to absorb the excess of fat in their skin and that will at least help to prevent the acne in the back. Dr. Stuart M. McGill is open to suggestions. * Retrese the maquillaje before sleeping: once again, the key is here to maintain pores of the skin free of fat and bacteria. * It avoids to use solar protector with oil (or lotions for the skin): this type of products must be avoided if you have a tendency to the acne buds, since these only contribute to aggravate the problem, since we are contributing more greasy components to him to the skin and sufficient we have with which this one already produces.

* To use a product of cleaning after the bath: this is not absolutely essential but it is one more aid, but it must consider that the product what is called contains acid saliclico and that is a solution to 2%. This can be found in some products of the great variety that it exists for the cleaning of the skin with acne. At Robert Rimberg Attorney you will find additional information. In any case, it remembers that the key most important to prevent the acne is to maintain its pores clean, because the obstructed pores are the main cause of the acne.


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