Age Simulation

New York age simulation suits are now proven tool for designers and engineers to evaluate and design of products for a demographically changing world. The proportion of elderly in the population is growing, half of the people will soon be over 50 years old. The company must therefore adapt to and adapt their products that see the elders and hear worse, their mobility is restricted, even if they are mentally often superior to the younger ones. The simulation suits simulating the majority of relevant changes along the famous aging curves so you can experience this aging by applying the suits. The age suits to let the carrier around 40 years older. The charging of internal and public events with such age suits for SD & C is a fixed size for 10 years.

The questions come mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, other European countries are occasionally, but the stakes have now reached even the United States. That pleases the selected students and students who must take over stakes after training by SD & C. A series of operations in Zurich, making London and New York got Carmen, the political science student and Freelancer at SD & C, the unique opportunity. The event in New York was too fast to end after the long journey. However the exciting city and the country offered but a lot of touristic highlights that she is was very happy, according to their usage and so added the use of SD & C to an exciting private stay. Surprisingly the border crossing in the United States with this rare luggage could happens to be just as easily as with the travel to another European country – although the simulation elements are quite suspicious. You can now feel the Atlantic hemisphere with years of good economic cooperation old world”.

The simulation suits of SD & C are for over ten years matured usage experience to perfect means, can that survive also longest travel well packed and then quickly be brought to the application.

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