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The City Of Ship Builders

Because to live in this region was considered prestigious. "City of shipbuilders" – Nikolaev be called so now is very conditional and, in general, remembering past achievements of local shipbuilders. The collapse of the Soviet Union influenced the development of the city and region. Now the leading position in modern Nicholas heavy industry sector is "growing beautiful girls as weapons of mass destruction." They conquer men of all continents. Therefore, having been in Mykolayiv, be sure to find the beautiful girl. Resident of the city, as well as shipbuilders, and we are with you, not so that faith in Nicholas oasis. They were systematically sent to seek his fortune, where warm and plenty of coconuts and palm trees. A folding his luggage before leaving town, check securely packaged girls and working with a shipyard (he said he was with you on the path, and that much space it will not take).

Pride Nikolaeva without reservation is zoo. He is considered the best in the Ukraine. By the way, was released in two coin hryvnia featuring the logo of the attractions. Perhaps it will get not so easy, because the circulation was small. A Here are figures of animals, cups, magnets on the refrigerator – are important in life and a very pleasant breeze, much easier to find. It's enough to buy a ticket and go to the territory of the zoo. Cute accessories will long recall walk in the park with animals and bring a modicum of wildlife in the interior of the house. Very few residents of the area know that next to them are also ordinary people are made real paradise drink of the gods – wine.

Excellent quality Wine (Radsad "," Koblevo) evaluated not so much gods as specialists from international competitions, wine tasting commissions. Some of these varieties Nicholas drinks even got a gold medal, and this is considering that in Competition was attended by such countries as France and Georgia. At the edge of the fertile resort Koblevo for Mykolayiv, working for the benefit of beauty on the ground local talent. This place is famous for its products, Masters – deftly caskets made of seashells, pictures, articles made of sea pearls can not fail to please, especially fans of the beautiful. Well after all, where we do not? On another street, city, country. It easier for people to succeed, fall in love and start a family. Roam the city with a strong and foreign music in my ears (it is better quality!), Dressed in European branded items ("This is not something that Ukraine!"), And do not notice what is happening under their noses. and after so many years, the race for the best of a sudden stop, and fall in love with dear child, who slaps the puddles small feet, a teenager, famously taxi and outstanding tricks on an old bike girl with a light dress and her grandmother with bast basket of apples, and it is most remarkable in the world of the sun, which is still tender around the world for some reason on your homeland


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