African Mango

That’s special fruit of the tree of the same name which today grows relatively across America, therefore according to historians, the handle we tasted in America; it comes from the India thanks to the Portuguese who brought after the conquest, since we all know this fruit so popular in some Latin American countries can imagine native African mango is nothing special and is the same as the common mango or (American), if we review the properties of the common handle it is rich in antioxidants it contains essential acids, vitamin C and vitamin A, what makes it special to neutralize radical free and provide to the human body of a power against the degradation of cells, in addition to other properties. Then that makes the different of the handle that all African mango already we know? According to historians, the natives of Africa have been used for many hundreds of years the African mango to increase energy for hunting, as well as to eliminate hunger, since it apparently also has properties to decrease appetite, but what makes it different from other handles African mango is its seed, which the natives of Cameroon call it Dikka nuts, which for many years African natives have been used for their medicinal properties. Was not until the year of 2010, then in a famous medical show from the United States where your host Dr. Oz mentioned the special properties to lose weight of African mango (Irvingia gabonensis), that this step fruit from being unknown to being famous around the world, this produced that you begin to sell in different presentationsboth in tablets, capsules, juice, etc., as mentioned above, is the seed of the African mango that contains special properties to lose weight, so the mere fact of using African mango as fruit, surely not result in desired effects slimming. While African natives do not eat the seed to alleviate hunger, the fruit itself provides the same benefits as the common handle such as antioxidants and fiber, In addition of providing a good taste. So if you have thought to eat the fruit of the African mango slimming, it is best to look for a supplement of African mango to give you the best results. Learn more about African mango and the benefits of the pills of African mango slimming.

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