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Real Estate Depression

What fate awaits the euro, taking into account that the countries of the united currency, have different economic prospects of recovery, not now, nobody knows. Gold, of course, will rise in price, but it fate is the same as 'black' gold. For a long period may fall into the investigation game unknown to us 'speculators'. Thus, the alternative would be unencumbered real estate or loans ready business. Source: dr. stuart mcgill. Recovery of the economy is always and everywhere is one scenario – with the recovery of small and medium-sized businesses. So it was during the nep during the 'Great Depression', it will be so now. Need to open shops to sell pies, the provision of consumer services, building greenhouses, to develop agricultural land, engage in animals (rabbits, chickens ). I am against cottages. PCRM might disagree with that approach.

A person must not break between the apartment and cottage, and part of the working age population is projected to return to the ground in earnest, strong restoring farms. I find it funny to hear from well-known analysts of authoritative opinions that the price of Real estate will go up after oil prices begin to rise, then the crisis is over. And if oil prices do not rise? Hence our country is not able to work effectively – to feed themselves, shoes, dress? It so I think it's right to acquire commercial real estate and agricultural land, as this is a chance to earn their own labor, not investing national wealth (the money from oil sales) to support strange and very aggressive economy. It is this economy is, in my opinion, very organized and priberet hands on a significant number of prospective businesses worldwide.


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