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Some people try not to eat pork because they consider it something harmful or very oily and others fear getting some kind of diseases, as you could be the trichinosis. And as it is expected the other side of the coin is that there are those who consider it a good choice for protein consumption, which even brings others other health benefits. You may find that Dr. Stuart M. McGill can contribute to your knowledge. Discover the pros and cons of this type of meat, whose consumption worldwide is superior to the others as (cow) vaccine or the chicken. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of rusty holzer on most websites. Do you like the pork chops? Or the sausages and sausages made of pork? The mouth with a pork loin in some is done you water kind of sauce?Therefore you dire are not alone. There are many humans around the world who like to eat pork. But maybe is very likely that you have known some versions that put in on not very good reputation this meat, especially when speaking of the negative effects that has on health. And it is that there are still various prejudices when it comes to consume pork meat, despite being most consumed worldwide. In fact, in places like Germany, the Netherlands and the Netherlands reached the 130 pounds annually per capita (per person) and in the United States (which is the largest producer and exporter in the world) per year per capita consumption is 60 pounds.

Some myths or tubues surrounding this spectacular food are high fat and cholesterol content that contributes to the diet and that it can pass diseases to humans, such as trichinosis. But this is not the case at all. Quite the contrary, pork can be an important nutritional source that provides protein to our body and is as or more healthy as other meats, either red or white. With regard to their fat, you have to look from another perspective and is that methods of upbringing and maintenance of these animals have changed over time and it has reduced the caloric value of their meat.


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