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Poor Circulation

Circulatory system problems occur when there is blood flow limited to legs, hands, heart and the rest of the body. The blood vessels are blocked with fatty substance called plaque that accumulates and hardens the walls of arteries and veins by limiting blood flow. This interrupts normal blood flow and the result is poor circulation. A variety of conditions may result from poor circulation such as high blood pressure, hypertension, varicose veins, peripheral disease of the artery, heart disease, damage to the kidney, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis, disease, Raynaud and phlebitis. Diagnosis of poor circulation diagnosis will be based on the medical history of the patient, family history and lifestyle. The doctor has to determine the root cause of circulatory disorder before administering the treatment. The symptoms and signs of poor circulation include: * hands and cold feet * pangs and needles * cramps or fatigue in legs, buttocks or feet during an activity * Swollen feet or legs * impaired vision * dark, purple or bluish skin (cyanosis an indication of lack of oxygen) * white fingers * leg pain * blood clots * fragile nails in the toes * loss of sensation in hands and feet * poor discernment of temperature * dizziness when rising quickly * numbness * migraines and headaches * tinnitus and hearing loss * foot and leg ulcers * varicose and spider veins * pale skin, hairless, multicolored, scaly or shiny in the ankles or feet if you often feel numbness, pain and swelling in your feet and legs or they suffer from cold hands, seek immediate treatment. Poor circulation can be extremely harmful to the body and is vital to the correct amount of blood flow to the heart and brain. What causes poor circulation? Circulatory system problems can cause by certain ailments, the form of life and behaviour factors. Medical causes of poor circulation * Anemia * Diabetes * high blood pressure * high cholesterol * obesity * heart disorders * circulatory disorders * disorders of the blood vessels * the artery and vein disorders * thrombophlebitis * nerve and thyroid disorders * varicose veins * asthma * bronchitis * pneumonia * emphysema * pregnancy other factors contributing to the problems of the circulatory system are consumption of tobacco, poor eating habits, insufficient exercise and sit in a position shrunken for long periods of time (also known as deep thrombosis of) the vein) aid for poor circulation circulatory system problems can be treated with conventional medication, changes in the way of life as well as natural and alternative therapies.

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