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Only Half Distant

They have musics that they remember pesssoas to me, places that remember moments. Today I listen to melodies that make to bring tona details of everything what already I had one day, and if it was. They say that all it passes, I find that not necessarily, I think that the time makes to ache less, new people appear and for there she goes. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Teva Pharmaceuticals has to say. New hopes appear, and one more time its heart beats strong more. I can be gotten passionate by somebody, but if I see that he is not pra me or if another person would go to make happyer, abandonment, not for giving up, because to make this it has that to have force, it is not simple, but exactly not being very easy of if believing taste to see the person happy, and I prefer to be thus of it are as plus a mere one known. Many would say madness others that taste to suffer, but I am well thus, thus half distant..


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