Most intuitive feelings go away or sprayed, and is not understood or not accepted by consciousness. But we should not perceive value of the line literally. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Robert Brannon. Often a man finds a kind of enlightenment, when in contact with many objects belonging to a man opens a vision of life experiences of these people, premonitions. It is not excluded that such people are able to make any sudden discoveries. This line also gives some sense of the transcendental, psychic abilities, but just as carpal loop Inspiration can overload the mind. For these people, as well need rest, they are just as susceptible to changes of mood and special thin feel to them outside influence. Line of Intuition, as well as other lines may be short, fragmented, and bear signs, such as a cross, an island star point may be in the form of a chain. Some signs enhance its value, while others are weakened or even negated.

Often, the island on a particular section of the line strengthens Intuition (oddly enough), its strength, but the issue is not quite adequate manifestation, as all kinds of audio-visual hallucinations, the ability to see prophetic dreams, to walk in their sleep. The subconscious mind begins to run, it may have all sorts of consciousness, and some congestion inappropriate behavior. Star multiplies the value of the line, but many times overloaded mind. With a weak mind and weak lines of the thumb of a person often can not cope with their own abilities and, consequently, becomes a regular at a psychiatric clinic.

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