Mathama Gandhi

But how to present/display to similar gaucho of Pampas my children to them, in the middle of everything what they are revolean since they are on the awares they close until them? It does not seem to be something that is in its plans being united and very many less knowledge of the gaucho that, that said something that they nor remotely are determined to choose like option. That yes, I must confess that they are surprised when they are not seen. But I believe that more than to be surprised one with another one, they become bored when they are not fought and only they surprise the lack of opponent adapted for such aims. Revoleo No matter how hard treatment of being democratic sometimes and often, is not other than to let to me take to me by my instincts, that I hope continue being maternal, to this height of the circumstances, and to restore absolutist monarchy and to say: here control I. Other leaders such as Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. offer similar insights. Mainly when there is bullet-proof vests nor no helmet that protects the skull to me, whenever, although I take a white handkerchief and the pipe of La Paz in the portfolio or the pocket, I interfere in its zone military that is all the house. And treatment to exercise my reflections to elude everything what they are revolean This good is not question of to try to defend sometimes to one and another one but, tsunami that I have by son has the capacity to remove from the squares to the own Mathama Gandhi. For example, it exercised it to nobody for the race of one hundred meters level, but the truth that mocoso makes merit for the training. Because another thing so that which the boy is fast, it is when it carries out with his sister the free adaptation of robbed, it fled and fished it.


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