The drama of the existence discloses a probable influence of the German philosopher Schopenhauer. Cruz and Souza lived a personal drama, a racial drama, an oppression feeling, a deep desire to run away from the reality, as we can notice in verses ' ' Desires, vibrations, anxieties, alentos/Tawny victories, triunfamentos acres. ' ' . Its conscience turned in lathe of the pain of being black, of pain to be man, a poetry with philosophical inquiry and the Metaphysical anguish, as notices in penultimate estrofe ' ' Black flowers of the tdio and vacant flowers /De vain, tantlicos, unhealthy loves /Deep old vermelhides of chagas/In blood, opened, draining in rivers ' '. (Similarly see: Dr. Stuart M. McGill). The musicalidade also was present in the life of the poet and the same it tried to approach the poetry of music, giving emphasis in fonemas, working with the sinestesias. Another present characteristic in this poem as in other poems, is a predisposition for the formation of images through the words. The poet plays with the words, in making to imagine them in our mind from the significao in the context where they are inserted. As when the poet initiates the poem, emphasizing the white, white forms, the forms of the love. They send them clearly to the term Symbolism, related to the icnico, semitico sign, symbol and thought for image. In the thematic plan it presents characteristics related to the death, the transcendncia spiritual, the cosmic integration, the mystery, the sacred one, the conflict between substance and spirit, the slavery, special attention for brightness and the white color, the anguish and the sexual subliming. In the formal plan, the surprising sinestesias, images, the noise of the words (they express desires), the predominance of substantives, use of capital letters, with the purpose to give to an absolute value the certain terms.


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