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Money-back Tip: Flight

The new online service ‘ flight cancellation. de’, consumers and businesses helps the recovery of taxes and fees, if a flight is not commenced. Under the name flight”, a new service on the Internet starts this Friday. The service helps consumers and businesses in the recovery of taxes and fees, if they did not once use a flight. Taxes and fees often make up a considerable part of the ticket price, a recovery in General for all worthwhile.

Refunds of $40 or more are not uncommon. The founder of flight, Christian Jansen, tells: many passengers don’t even know that they can get money back if they have not joined a flight. Also, it is often difficult to get a refund. It wants to change flight” Jansen continues: you need no travel cancellation insurance for the refund and also no matter, for whatever reason the flight was not commenced. Alone which is decisive Fact that it is not serviced.” Background for this is that airlines must pay personal taxes and fees in the event of a flight not assigned to third parties, such as for example airports.

Exactly these amounts can be recovered in case of a non-assigned flight. The kicker: There is no risk for customers of flight, because the service is calculated exclusively dependent on the success. A service fee will be charged only for successful refund of taxes and fees. How to contact with flight Christian Jansen Tel.: 01805-8844040 (14 cent / min. German landline; mobile notwithstanding) Press (at) flight

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