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From there the Deep name of Cohesion. Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece, they had been the first beneficiaries of the Deep one of Cohesion. It was the initial landmark to the evolution of the rules of application of the Deep one of Cohesion. Salient that the rules of the Deep one of same Cohesion being steady during one decade since the year of 1994, already were object of some alterations for the Advice and that they had been reviewed in the year of 1999, for which they had been inserted improvements and clarifications of some rules until then of difficult interpretation. The Commission, also, improved the pertinent rules to the control and management of the regional projects.

E with certainty will have, in the next period to programming, substantial alterations, has seen, the financial calamity that it haunts since 2008 until the present year. At the beginning, as it happens to always what it is novel, the Deep one of Cohesion was not so interesting as the Deep European of Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER). The low interest in the Deep one of Cohesion was in reason to benefit to only four countries members in a fifteen universe and because it existed different treatment to the objectives of the execution. Documentary the Deep one of Cohesion was created in 16 of April of 1994 and will cite its especificidades: ' ' – the Deep one of Cohesion allows to support the projects in the States beneficiary Members without internal regional distinction; – a macroeconomic condition to its mechanism of financing has inherent. Essentially, the States Members must contain the public dfice below of one determined threshold and to thus fill one of the conditions of integration in the europeizao zone. As the objective is to oppose it the expenditures of the national budget, the modalities of fiscalization of the adicionalidade are not the same ones that they are applied to deep the structural ones; – the aid is guided for the accomplishment of the objectives of the program of action in favor of the environment most favorable and for the transeuropias nets of transports; – the distribution of the financing for the eligible sectors of the environment and the transports must reflect a certain balance. .


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