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Feng Shui

During years of studying, practicing and teaching, which is the Feng Shui of Forma.Lo I really want to convey is that Feng Shui Form is as simple as: when assets and real tired and sweaty and showering , you wear clean clothes and you're left with a feeling of wellbeing and inner plate. When you order your closet, underwear drawer, desk drawer table ……….. I close and reopen it and see that is ordered, that feeling of wellbeing and inner plate. What Feng Shui is broadcasting is you who through your home you have a tool that these utilizando.La the house where we live is our second skin, you have to pamper her, take care, as when we shower and we put cream skin to avoid cracking. When the balanced home harmonize the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water cycle five with food and if the CHI destruccion.Equilibramos cycle, the Chi is the universal energy that is everywhere.

If there is too much in a house can cause excessive loss of money and if there is little energy can not pass the money to the home, among other things .. The YIN AND YANG find a balance in every room on every stay. The Bagua map, dividing the plane into nine areas of the house. Each area is an important concept for our quality of life, love – marriage, creativity, children, helpful people, travel, knowledge and culture, health and family, wealth and prosperity. And what we have in our house of things that we like, surround ourselves with objects, furniture, paintings ……

give us a sense of wellbeing. The house where we have everything balanced harmonized all of the above gives us a quality of life, a charge of battery, which is imaginable.Sin minimum effort. How is your house? Do you have quality of life?. Everything is alive, everything is connected, all cambia.Cambia your house and change your life. Use your house as you use your food and your body to be good on the outside and inside. If you spend a prayer in the gym, or meditating, or walking to relieve the extres and come home and the house is the extres pruduce you, without you aware of your unconscious ello.Pero if it knows, few things in the house is hurting us without saberlo.Como have a crack in the area of wealth and a lot of money coming into the house by CHI will grieta.O in double room (single couple with two children) have pictures of their children and ask me to lick a query so that the children are more independent, which does not absorb both parents.! Everything is relational, takes pictures of your children's room matrimonio.Magia month were not nearly as absorbent. OUR HOME IS OUR SECOND SKIN.


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