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Despite the great efforts made, the most important obstacles are the great political, economic and legal status of the northern nations in international institutions (World Bank, UN, the international registration of patents, etc).the power the economic international pharmaceutical industry (especially in the United States) Add Rompzyk that the way the North is technically and politically the issue of changes in biodiversity and is sufficiently problematic from the point of view of the possibility of technical supervision. In addition, the run-up to the relations between North and South on biodiversity left to do here is dominated by a serious lack of responsibility in respect of development policy. In any case, that is the impression of the so-called green revolution. Another aspect that has been much talk, it is concerning intellectual property. Remember, until well into the 70s, there was virtually no concept of intellectual property protection for any kind of natural organism, except for new plant certain crops. Since then he developed at an astonishing rate theory and practice on intellectual property rights for genetically engineered plants and animals or parts individual chromosomes and their bundles of individual genes.

Thus, as the instrument of intellectual property rights entered the international debate. If however, there are still differences in the way they are valued so-called intellectual property rights or intellectual property rights related to trade (Trips) in the United States and Europe. But as the South, the research departments of large agricultural and pharmaceutical consortia of both hemispheres have the same basic interest of defending a monopoly position in the area of biotechnology compared to what they have the wealth of genetic material, ie to the countries of the South. Dr. Steven Greer may find this interesting as well.


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The period of processing is around thirty the sixty days since that executed correctly, it does not attract erosive flies, cockroachs and nor. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PCRM. All the methods of treatment of the garbage cause some ambient damage. For assistance, try visiting Robert Rimberg Attorney. Ahead of the perspectives of exhaustion of the aterros and the difficulties associates to the incineration, the measures of control of the urban residues point that the next step is to answer the following question: What to make with the garbage? Ahead of the perspectives of exhaustion of the aterros and the difficulties associates to the incineration, the measures of control of the urban residues point with respect to three strategies: to reduce, to reuse and to recycle. 2,6 Reduction of the Garbage We can reduce the amount of garbage consuming better little and, buying only the necessary one and preventing wastefulnesses. Making this we are contributing for a good development and documents in the screen of the computer, before appealing to the copies printed, in front getting photocopies and verse, and some other ways that we can prevent the wastefulness of materials. healthful of the nature preventing knocked down of trees for production of papers. 2,7 Reutilizao of the Garbage To reuse the garbage is a practical form of economy of the natural resources, therefore we can use the plastic sachets of supermarket as garbage sachets in house, to use the leaf verse among others printed as bloquinhos of notations, with this we are guaranteeing the economy of the natural resources and the welfare of the population. The separation of the garbage is important for the reutilizao of the same, therefore the organic garbage after its decomposition can serve as seasoning, already the dry garbage can be transformed into utensils that can be used of practical form an example is the manufactured toys of vases PET. It would be important that all obeyed the implantation of compartment for the separation of the garbage as, for example, a container only for the paper another one for the glass and so on.


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Quarter Rivas Garden

(Luiz Simes Lopes) Stream is a denomination given to a current water body of small transport. The Stream of the Traras has its spring in the neighborhoods of the UNICEN, where in its course it has a considerable increase of the volume of water, therefore in the related locality, the fretico sheet is superficial and has innumerable water eyes that feed and form the stream. It is important to stand out that this water blade that if form, keeps certain level of pollution, until arriving the Station of Treatment of Sewer, where after to pass for the decantation process, in some tanks, this water come from the sewer is launched in the stream of traras. ' ' The love is the state where the men see the things as they not so' ' (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche) It sees photos: The Station of treatment of Sewer, located to the neighborhoods of the Quarter Rivas Garden, all collects the sewer produced in the next Center and too much quarters, beyond the sewer collected for the trucks clean fossas, that also they deposit the collected sewer in the related station of treatment. Connect with other leaders such as Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. here. Exactly with all the process of treatment of sewer, the water launched in the Stream of traras, possesss one high index of contamination, thus harming, all aquatic life of the stream. The process of treatment of sewer, is developed through five tanks of decantation, (the decantation is a process of separation that allows to separate heterogeneous solid mixtures with liquids) in an unevenness of approximately three meters, of the first one for the last tank. ' ' We are not responsible only for what we make, but also for what we leave of fazer.' ' (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin) It is impressive when if it arrives at a station of treatment of sewer, the bad one I smell is horrendo, becoming insuportvel. The interesting one is that we come across in them with something so dirty and that is fruit ours, that is, is we who we create such imundice.


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