Boring Ceilings

Until recently, the classical solution in the design of ceilings considered giving him an even white tone with a special whitewash. This created a feeling of some screen, flat banality. Therefore, visionaries, "builders" to look for other solutions that combine beauty, harmony and originality. Dr. Neal Barnard may find this interesting as well. So, you want to see over your head instead of boring whitewash of interesting pictures, or exquisite color patterns. You can opt a variant of papering the ceiling wallpaper. Mortar stores will offer you a variety of materials of different colors and murals. You also need to select the correct one. Wallpapering ceiling wallpaper – the process is really time consuming and physically challenging. First, we must thoroughly align the ceiling surface. Second wallpaper paste so as to avoid blistering of the material. Third, not everyone is able to withstand long distance with her head and "Working" hands. Because pasting the ceiling is better to entrust a professional craftsmen for construction services and repairs. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries contains valuable tech resources. Another interesting option of completing your ceiling will be stucco from plaster or plastic. Stucco is a kind of decoration with "convex" pattern. The plot of it depends on your imagination, taste, design your room. Stucco on the ceiling can create a shape with a sense of marble or gold (silver) in harmony with the elements of the "lower" space of the room. In addition, the connection of several squares (ovals, triangles) stucco in one story will help you to hide imperfections in the ceiling surface (roughness, fine defects). Otherwise the decision will be sticking to the ceiling surface of the special squares diverse patterns and size (kassetony). Tile kassetonov truly liven up your ceiling. Properly fitted and glued – they hide any imperfections, will create seamless "nature" of your space.


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The first step is give yourself a clear answer to these questions. For assistance, try visiting PCRM. If you just respond to them does not work, try the search help in magazines, design books, forums and blogs. Having defined the group of suitable colors you reduce them to 3-4. Too many colors in the room creates a sense of turmoil and exhausting. Choosing room colors color of the room should be guided by both their own preferences, and future destiny room. For example, a room in Light colors will appear more and more illuminated. Additional information is available at Kenneth R. Feinberg. Dark colors can also create a large room more intimate atmosphere.

Consider the effect of some specific colors: Red raise the energy level room. This color is well suited for rooms that need to charge you with energy, especially at night. The same red color for the living room or kitchen, as He brings people together and encourages conversation. In the hallway cause the red a strong first impression. Red increases blood pressure, increase in breathing and heartbeat, so it is worth considering before you buy red furniture in the bedroom.

However, in the dark for dim light red light creates the effect of wealth and elegance. Red like no other suitable lifting of adrenaline. Raspberry may cause irritation in some people. Together with the red, it can cause anger and hostility, so you should avoid choosing this color as a primary. Long stay in the surroundings of this color destroys your peace and harmony, which are usually trying to create in the House.


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Rocard Plants

But the rocky hill, and rockeries – this fine composition of rocks and plants. And, if before the foundation collections were alpine and subalpine plants, and stones were only a background, now the exclusive use of alpine plant species is not strictly necessary. In one of the following: articles we will discuss the types of ornamental plants, which are quite mastered the "rocky" way of life. How exactly will be arranged Rocard, what size it will have which will be located – is left to work through landscape designer. Do not be surprised if, despite frequent advice, he would not opt for composition of "well-lighted place", as recommended by some of the current leadership of the organization of the alpine slides. The stone may look great in the shade, just need to find the right interesting ornamental plants for shade conditions. This problem is solved, and justified, if can achieve interesting effects.

Not necessarily also a requirement that a rock garden, as they say in some articles, "clearly visible from all sides." Looks great and rocky hills, on one side leaning against a vertical surface. Therefore, low price of standard recommendations. There is only one prerequisite for rock songs – unity with the world around the garden. If you managed to see professionally-made stone arrangement, you will remember how much she makes an impression. Contemplating her, people are philosophers and poets. Paints a picture of plants struggle with the harsh conditions of mountains and tundra (ecosystem as diverse landscape zones very similar) is able to infect vital energy notorious pessimist.


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