Genetic Excuses

How many times have I played phrases like these. It seems that everything I am is now by my genetic predisposition to be. People such as Dr. Steven Greer would likely agree. If I gain me, it is because my grandfather was fat. If I have cellulite, it is because all the women in my family suffer from it. An elegant way to throw balls out. We are all born with a genome specific, different from the of all other individuals of our species, which makes us unique. There will not be anyone genetically equal to me in the world.

I will not analyse each one of the aspects that influences the genetic origin. I just want to make you see that your life not by having this genome is predestined to be a way, whatever you do. Really, if so, it would be a shame no?. There while we are constantly bombarded with discoveries of a gene that I predispondra to suffer from prostate cancer, to gain weight easily, to stay bald, also are many other recent studies showing that our life is not so influenced by our genetic origin and all the aspects of the environment that surrounds us from the moment of our conception. I assure you that not far is the day in which biology announce that Darwin was wrong, and that the survivor is not who is born stronger, but which becomes stronger.

The genetic predisposition of our body is a reality, but is not something not modifiable. Or at least we can keep these predispositions at Bay. My style of life, my power, my emotional state, the environment, all factors that I am every day exposed have much more influence on the behavior of my body that my genetic inheritance. So he does not make excuses. To understand this, even if it is somewhat hard, I propose an exercise. View in your head any terrible photos that you’ve seen ever in which appears the poorest family of any town in the desert of Ethiopia. What aspect do you have? Nothing to envy, is clear. But see some obese? Varicose veins? Cellulite? I don’t think so. Unfortunately they won’t have much to put in the mouth, and to get some water surely will walk a few kilometers every day. But according to the theory of predisposition that gives equal right? Or is it in Ethiopia have no gene from me fattening while eating only lettuce? Another extreme example, but now from a most enviable point of view. Amazon rainforest, indigenous peoples with spear and loincloth. And Kleenex? I can’t believe it! They have no allergies, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, while surely several of them have the gene’s I am not going to your House because you have cat and I have allergy to pet hair. It must be that monkey hair does not accumulate dust mites so you don’t escudes you in your tendency to. You have many tools to achieve be anything you want. It is true that you are source, a default. But I assure you that many things you can do to prevent or improve. Do you have a tendency to gain weight? Cellulite? Poor circulation? It is time to take care of your diet and practice some exercise. Do not fall into the rush, and do not pretend that it has cost you years of doing nothing something disappears in two days. I know constant and body will respond.

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Thursday, February 4th, 2021 News Comments Off on Genetic Excuses