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The Tummy

However, different children help to different drugs, the pharmacy can offer you another tool that is right for your baby. Tea from colic in infants can buy a ready-tea type Plantex, tea with fennel. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Rimberg Lawyer. You can choose to brew dill seeds. To do this, 1 teaspoon dill seeds pour a glass of boiled water and infuse. This tea can be drunk nursing mom 2 times a day, half a cup or give the child to 1 tsp 3-4 times a day. Dill water also increases the amount of milk in nursing mothers. Massage the tummy and the charging of colic in the child easier to depart gases in the child, which is quite moving.

Since most of the time the baby is, you need to help him. Tummy massage done Sak: clockwise around pupochka "draw" a question mark with slight pressure (do not overdo it!), As 10-15 times, then how would rake belly from the edge to pupochku from different sides. Then you need to help propukatsya child. To this end, we take both of his legs, bend at the knees, lift and pressed to the belly. Since delayed for 5-10 seconds.

Legs let go, then you can do a "bicycle" or repeat elements of massage, then Again squeeze legs to the tummy. We are very well exercise helped, made him at least 5 times in the approach. Application of the vapor tube, of course, should not be abused, but to abandon this method is not in a hurry. There is a rabid opponents of the use of gas-carrying tubes, enemas, etc., but in special cases it is a very good help.


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