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International Container Transport Development

For container transportation in Ukraine is characterized by very low-tech process against the background of increasing flow of traffic. In order to remain competitive in the international container market transport, ports and terminals must be equipped and modern equipment and use advanced technology. On the development needs big money and no one is prepared to invest. Read additional details here: Kenneth R. Feinberg. The capacity of the terminal is not handles freight traffic, there are delays, additional costs and thus increases the shipping cost. Lack of transshipment facilities in Ukrainian ports significantly inhibits the development of transportation via Ukraine, and makes us not .

unloading container ships stand idle on the roads, lost precious time because of the low-quality treatment of vessels, all participants in the transport chain bear financial losses. Shorter path through Ukraine is becoming longer and more costly. Sea ports and transport of goods an important part of the Ukrainian economy. Like any industry, it requires planned development and monetary investments. Today, container shipping is a tasty morsel in the political struggle.

Because of the instability in politics and the frequent change of control becomes impossible systematic program of development of international container traffic. Cargo transportation is not only ports but also the railroad. And here we have, unfortunately, is also a big problem. Transportation companies are constantly face a lack of the required number of g / d. platforms. There is a growing flow of goods, and not to take him on anything. This once again confirms the need for balanced development throughout the industry. It is not enough to modify some terminals, if the number of platforms will remain the same. Transportation companies are constantly faced with the lack of understanding of what the industry's development of international container traffic – business of the state, not private companies. The matter requires a clear plan and a lot of money. In addition to technical problems prevent the ever-changing freight border, customs regulations and tax policy thought it increases the bureaucratic delays and creates favorable conditions for the "black cargo." Transport logistics in Ukraine and ill 'need to treat these diseases. -has-cut-its-stake-by-10/’>Jeffrey L. Bewkes. " It is quite clear that the development of international transport industry requires large investments and is a "one day". But the longer the government will delay the reform of the industry, the harder it will get Ukraine on a competitive level.

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How To Care For Autoglass Repair And Spare Parts ?

Proper care of autoglass is not only a key to longevity of their use, but also affects the health of motorist and his psychological state. The following tips will help you save auto-glass for many years. Speaking about the care of Autoglass, reasonable to start with how to properly carry out their treatment. Optimum wash car windows a soft cloth or sponge. If auto-glass is not particularly dirty, enough to use warm water and a cloth. In case of serious contamination can not do without chemicals. With an average contamination (dirt, grease, insects and other remnants) can be used "Avtoochistitel glasses." However, if your car windows were pollutants such as resin or tar, you need a special formulations of solvents, surface active substances (surfactants) and other active additives. When choosing detergents and other chemicals used in the treatment of auto-glass, it is necessary to bear in mind that the chemical agent should not react with the metal car tires and paints.

It is also worth considering the fact that the use of low-quality detergents there is a high risk of clouding the glass. As for tinted glasses, the special care they require. At treatment guided by the same rules as for conventional auto-glass. In other words, your tools will be the main soft sponge and detergent. It is important to bear in mind that the installation of tinted glass strictly prohibited: open windows (5 days), use the brush for cleaning, washing windows inside for a month, use of cleaning abrasives; touch the edges of the glass.


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