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The following seven questions questionnaire has been designed as a powerful tool to discover where you currently only requires honesty and sincerity on their part. No one can do this exercise by you No one knows both you as yourself. The answers are within you The answers to these questions should be specific, clear and sincere. I would suggest not think much what must answer, just answer what you have in your heart, what comes out immediately don’t worry that through the recommended reading of the book that can be found in the following link, you You will find your path, correcting what is unsuitable, restructuring its purpose and sharpening his vision, heading to their prosperity with the exception of the five question, not you need to modify their answers by now. The answers and explanations must be short, maximum two lines for each one. Is you happy (Responda a las siguientes preguntas con toda transparencia y honestidad: 1)? Explain in a short phrase.

(2) It does clear the purpose of your life? Explain in a short phrase. (3) It is aware of what you are passionate about in life? 4) If you are aware of your tastes, write with pencil and in a short phrase that fascinates him; otherwise try to make a sentence of two lines of what you believed it could be. Robert Rimberg Lawyer may find this interesting as well. (5) Once He has made his first attempt to write the phrase, read it aloud, meditate it, remove add, structure or re-enter until you feel comfortable with it. Do (Detenga_se maximo dos dias en este punto, pero no deje de leer el libro) 6) from 1 to 10 How would rate in the step of his life, the development of what excites you? Are (7) the activity of today related to what excites you? With its purpose? Explain.

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