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In the scope of the intervention it increases the conscience of that it is important to identify and to promote conditions that allow the occurrence of a long and healthful oldness, with a relation I cost benefit favorable to the individuals and the social institutions, in a context of equality how much to the distribution of social goods and chance. NERI, 2001, In the scope of the health, the physical functionality and the perceived health, sort are a factor of more important risk of what age, in the measure where the aged women are more fragile and if perceives as more fragile of what of what the aged men. Subsidiary conclusion is that, when the effect of the physical fragility add it the effect of demographic 0 variable partner, such as lesser escolaridade, to only live, to have that to take care of, and to need cares the quality of life of the women it tends to decline. Learn more on the subject from dr. stuart mcgill. In the advanced oldness the women are more negative affected in its possibilities of social envolvement because of its bigger longevity and of the increased risk of dependence. They tend to suffer to isolation and solitude more than. They have more negative auto-image, as well as an old vision of the other oldness and of more negative of what the aged men. The aged women who are sick terminals more are affected by the effect of its illness on the others, while the men more are affected by the dependence, the pain and the effect of the illness on the exercise of social papers, Anita 2001 cite Kimmel, D (1994. the issue. The longevity, the morbidade and the incapacity are the main focos of interest of the research that aged men and women compare how much with the health and the physical functionality. It is universal that women live more than the men. Studies epidemiologists show that the biggest longevity of the women means more risk of what advantage, a time that it is physical and socially more fragile of what the men.


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