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Office Chair: Upholstery Materials

Office chair: upholstery materials Along with mechanical options important detail is the office chair upholstery material – durability, presentable, color compatibility with existing office furniture, all this is not the least impact on office space. Depending on the price range of office seating material may have different qualitative characteristics. Distinguish the following basic types of office chairs and upholstery armchair manager. Textiles – the simplest and most common in the lower price segment of the business office chairs stuff. Sufficiently resistant to mechanical stress, as befits the material for office space, well cleaned with a brush or damp sponge. Has a wide range of colors. Fabric series jp – a synthetic material, increased durability, which makes it more attractive for office seats than textiles. Because of the unusual structure that provides a decent consumer properties of the material fabric of this series have the characteristic “ridge”, which in turn emphasizes the style of the selected model and chairs adds zest, at times, strict motifs office interiors.

Chair Sirius – Fabric Series jp. Fabric Series tw – material for office chairs, characterized by a greater durability of textiles, which is achieved by synthesis of fibers of various materials. The fabric is antistatic and resistant to fading, durable tear. The use of this material can significantly increase the life of an office chair and good breathability this upholstery creates a comfortable environment for productive work. Microfibre – a fabric that combines a bright palette of colors with excellent quality.

Robust, velvety material that is not affected by peeling, well ventilated, but do not let dirt and water resistant, the emergence of static electricity – all of these properties allow to use this material not only for the models of chairs for the staff, but also in line of chairs for the head. Leather Class Split – material, built from layers of natural and artificial leather, which allows not only to expand the color range, but combined with good ventilation and natural skin durability of its synthesized counterpart. It is used in inexpensive models of armchairs for heads. Leather-class Buffalo – slices of layers with additional leather embossing pattern. Usually, their skin does not apply Additional dyes and pigments, which allows it to retain its natural properties – good ventilation, adaptability to temperature regimes and therefore do not violate the human body heat. The skin of the class used in the average price segment chairs for the head and in combination with elegant design makes the chair is not only comfortable, but also perfectly complements the modern office environment, along with other office accessories. Leather Class cow – leather preserving the natural pattern of the upper layer, which is possible thanks to the use of special processing techniques and coloring material. Used in models of high-price segment of office chairs for executives, emphasizing the well conceived exterior and complementing the entire range of technological options, this class of models of office chairs. In conjunction with the next assortment collections of furniture for the office of the head office chairs create an atmosphere of such a level of premium rooms. Chair Senior – leather class cow. We deliberately did not consider imitation leather, upholstery material as office chairs, direct contact with the body of a seated person, as the qualitative characteristics – vetiliruemost, heat transfer properties are not allow to create not only comfortable but also healthy working conditions. Fully synthetic material lining is sometimes used in the chairs for visitors, which was originally not requiring on them a long time. Forum chair – an artificial skin.


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