Internet Business

You either go to a plus or a minus in the fall. If you have something invested, and repulsed "at zero", then consider that you have spent part of their own resources for free, so nobody's business is equivalent to your loss. Therefore, you should clean out all the ways your business, all the movements that you cause damage, and leave only what is guaranteed to work and found to be effective in the long term. Those who are doing it – create a successful business, others will sooner or later go bankrupt. Now let talk about the practical side of things and move on to how the Internet to collect and analyze than the statistics of your advertising campaigns: The most common target of a potential customer in Internet advertising is the click (click) on the link that leads to your commercial site, which actually is your product or service. Therefore, the first object of testing and collection of statistics should be your links in the ads.

You need to know how often your potential customers click on the link in your advertising, as well as desirable to know the coefficient of roi on this link. Coefficient roi – a measure of how many of those who clicked on link and then actually bought. But even if you can not see roi is not so bad, because the number of clicks on an advertising link is said by itself a lot. To gather such statistics you can use special scripts or services.


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