The Work

It decided that it did not want to age with nobody! After some hours it received the news of the success of the surgery, with calm had obtained to locate the family Mrs. and informs them of the occurrence did not only obtain to improve its situation of delay, but now, at least had a worthy excuse, politically correct Clearly that the work nobody believed a so mirabolante history Still in the telephone its head said: – It speaks there, it can count, who is gostosinha that it is with you? She perceived the difference between being good and to be pure, it wise person who was not pure, but already considered the idea of being good Velhinha already recouped after some months it presenteou, it and it was thankful, it knew of complete history, now through the version of it, therefore she had been most of the unconscious time. Already they could laugh at everything. Dr. Robert Brannon has much experience in this field. It was as a dream and both were waked up. But material gifts did not symbolize much less compensate the gratitude and it needed a repayment of equal value and insistently its religion passed to send it emails to try to convert it, was as to present the salvation for it had saved that it. A worthy repayment, life for life.

After much attempt, it at a moment of illumination with a smile it perceived that this attempt was a great irony, was invaded of an agreement that before did not make the sensible minor It could not convert it no religion with the minimum of ethical principles therefore the logic of everything was obviously in it not to have been politically correct. It understood that when xingar it of ' ' old barbeira' ' found it he helped and it if was not delayed exactly by being so incorrect it would not have passed for back in that hour It was as soon as had to be. the last email that it sent to it only was written. Nothing and nobody it is by chance!


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