Stefanie Rossler

Training modules for a solid foundation the training methods are complex and are acquired by specialized professional women in individual building blocks. However, we have had the experience that with the growing knowledge also strong synergies between the disciplines form, who make it intuitive to use participants”, so peace Gebhard, trainer in the fields of NLP and holistic teaching methods. In addition to Neurolinguistic programming (for successful communication and motivation) and learning (easy teaching and learning with all senses) include systemic Analytic Consulting models in the personality and group context, theater work and seminar dramaturgy (body, presence, role), as well as marketing and self-promotion to the seven training modules. These are arranged in structure and sequence so that within six months the entire complex knowledge with the ease and joy can be learned, the graduates are then in turn teach can. No pressure, but quickly, with mind and with all your senses. We want to create the training a counterbalance to similar offerings, which turn ultimately as tedious, expensive and be nerve wracking”, as Rossler. More information is housed here: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Their methods to work effectively, she sees not only their measurable professional successes. “It was also by Prof. Dr. Gunther Holzapfel of the Institute for humanistic pedagogy and training to certify the following their systemic approach as scientific criteria and practical” describes. The info event will take place on September 11, 2010 from 12:30 h in Cologne, Hohe Strasse 138-140, in the premises of Andrea Gabriel GmbH. Trainer training and trainers find out more about Stefanie Rossler/trainers team on the Internet at brief Stefanie Rossler is a trainer, coach, corporate and organizational consultant in private practice in Dusseldorf. Formerly Executive and interim manager in prestigious companies, including completed training in systemic organizational development and NLP and acquired different trainer certificates. Meanwhile, she may experience in the context of the consultation to the 20 years (focus: consultancy and training in the service sector, promotion of innovative Start-Ups) present, mainly in large companies and corporations.

As creator of the concept of training the training is the co-founder of the drama school of Dusseldorf. The other trainers are peace Gebhard (learning and teaching trainer for communication/NLP trainer), Beate Bruckner (communication trainer and systemic coach in private practice in FFB), Dr.

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