Spoiled Holiday

Emergency holiday defects with new legal advisor Mannheim, July 09, 2008. Dr. Robert Brannon understood the implications. As package travelers can actually do that, the new guide shows step by step my rights to travel\”on rechtstipps.de. Because a current court ruling makes damaged hope: now the Cologne regional court decided In the case of an affected family: the travel organiser must reimburse 60% of the travel price and pay damages 1 600 euros). But such success is that tourists already in the holiday responding correctly to all the annoying shortcomings. The complete guide can my rights to travel for the introductory price of 5.90 euro\”be downloaded directly at in PDF format.

This saves an expensive visit to the lawyer under circumstances after the holidays. \”Therefore: is best, read my rights to travel\” already before the holiday and takes the practical Adviser at the resort. \”The Chief Advisor to complete my rights to travel\” on rechtstipps.dehilft with sample letter, complaints and Reduction claims to formulate correctly. Furthermore, the electronic lawyer\”valuable background information: what exactly is a travel deficiency, what only an inconvenience? The standard of living of the country plays the essential role in distinguishing. Who expected German standards in the sanitary area such as telescope requires too much. Because operators must offer only the minimum standard of the country German tourists. The info-PDF 27 frequently asked questions for package tourists answered clearly and easily understood: what must look for tourists already when booking a package holiday? When, where and how can you resist defects at the resort? How secures to it after the end of the travel claims and how much money there is for what lack? \”\” For those who want it more comfortable and more detail: A comprehensive chapter on the subject of travel law \”contains the CD-ROM right stipps of RechtsBerater\”. Particularly practical: for example the defect were available for each topic in the Tour operators, can be filled in directly into the program on the computer, printed, saved and sent as a PDF or Word document.

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