South Africa

The road network is good and a car rental offers great flexibility between the individual stations. Tip: If someone on the roadside stands and holds up the thumb, simply stop and take. The Hitchhiker has definitely nice stories to tell or recommendations, where it is worth making a detour from the planned route. Best season: October to January. > 1 week holiday car from/to Auckland from 244 euro who the expanses of the fifth continent wants to discover, especially a good planning needs in addition to much time. The downside of organized trips through Australia: the Guide warns even to the most beautiful spots quickly to leave. Self drive, however, can be photographed time for conversations with locals and backpackers, also the 10 Kangaroo and the Ayers Rock in the sunset alone.

For the trip with a vacation rental, a national and international driver’s license are required, a free tourist visa is required for entry, which allows a stay of up to three months. Best travel time: all the year round. > 1 week holiday car from/to Perth from 235 euro in the desert takes a trip to Namibia! Meet who leave civilization and infrastructure behind it, people and original landscapes, here in the right place. On the road with a car it seems sometimes like a journey into the ancient world. Many streets here are sand or gravel roads, but a four-wheel drive is only necessary when planning a tour in the extreme northwest of the country. One should not forget due to the vastness of the country the spare gas cans, drinking water for on the go – and never to exceed the prescribed maximum speed. Best travel time: November to January. > 1 week holiday car from/to Windhoek from 186 euro the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world is there according to experts in South Africa.

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