To the times I ask why it will be that the human being is so coward at certain moments of the life. Because it will be that we silence in them when we would have to speak and we speak when we would have silencing in them? Many times we criticize, we point errors, we cry out and we make alardes, but when our time arrives to give one is enough in everything, simply we silence in them. Dr. Steven Greer may find this interesting as well. We keep silent many times in exchange for privileges, for conveniences, or not to harm the family, the children, the friends, etc. But it would not have thus to be! While we act in such a way, the empire of impunity if fortifies and the society if it becomes each more different and unjust time. Martim Luther King translated this concern in its perfectly celebrates phrase: ' ' It worries what me is not an shout of the violent ones, nor of the corrupt ones, nor of the dishonest ones, nor of the ones without ethics.

What it worries more me is the silence of bons' '. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Robert Brannon has to say. On the other hand, many times the good ones if are silent, not for cowardice, nor for convenience, if they are silent for shame. Rui Barbosa, in a simple phrase, obtained to express of form fantastic what it is happening in our society, it reflects on what it said: ' ' Of in such a way seeing to win the nullities; of in such a way seeing to prosper the dishonour, in such a way seeing to grow the injustice. Of in such a way seeing the powers at the hands of the bad ones to exaggerate, the man arrive to discourage themselves of the virtue, to laugh themselves at the honor and to have shame of being honesto' '. One of the innumerable lies left by great Mestre and Salvador Jesus Christ, was of that never we would have ahead silencing in them of the lie and the injustice.

Friday, May 7th, 2021 News