Relations With Intel

Relations with Intel Asus A6Jc In early 1990, Taiwanese motherboard producers had not yet established their leading positions in the computer hardware sector. Any new Intel processor would have been provided by more established companies like IBM, while Taiwanese companies have been forced to wait for approximately six months after IBM received its engineering samples (prototypes). When the first Intel 486 processor was released, the four ASUS founders decided to design its own 486 motherboard without having a sample processor 486, using only technical details published by Intel and the experience achieved when they made their versions of motherboards 386. When completed its prototype ASUS motherboard 486, was taken to the headquarters of Intel in Taiwan for testing. To their surprise, they were not received very warmly on arrival.It was learned that his own 486 motherboard prototype Intel had recently been running incorrectly, and Intel’s engineers were still working on a solution. ASUS founders used their experience with the 486 and had their own point of view concerning the malfunctioning of the Intel motherboard. Affiliated Computer Services is open to suggestions. Your solution worked, to the surprise of the engineers at Intel. Intel then tested the prototype of ASUS, which worked perfectly. This marked the start of an informal relationship between the two companies – ASUS currently receiving engineering samples of Intel ahead of its competitors.. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly.

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