Regain Lost Weight Exercise

The magical ditas don’t work because they create not a habit forever. Diets that promise results in just a few days, they are not good since they do not teach to eat well, not educate. Usually found in the majority of cases, once we achieve the desired weight in a short time recover more weight than we had. Order to maintain a healthy weight, we have to concentrate on learning to eat well, create us good eating habits, we must always remember that our health is a reflection of what we eat. If we want to lose weight and maintain it, ideally: meet power practicing physical exercise take more than 8 glasses of water a day. Decrease the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Control the weight every 15 days. The advice of a nutritionist, which help us have an adequate power both at home and in restaurants, as well as they would also benefit patterns of physical exercise are suitable.

When we submit to a diet we reduce the carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. We got used to living with fewer calories a day. When we leave the diet, calories than normally we should consume because others would be. What is compounded when we allow that bad eating habits return (when you add sausage, bacon, vegetables and legumes, consume fried foods, the use of mayonnaise, sauce cesar salads, cheeses, spreads sauces at meals, eat sausages, pate, hamburgers, sausages, potatoes, refined sweets and consume soft drinks and alcohol). If we consume 100 calories a day more of what the body needs, we aumentariamos about 10 pounds in a year. Recommended eating less quantities (small portions) and increase the number of times a day, that would help us increase metabolism.

We could lose weight or keep it at Bay doing 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise. The combination of exercise and diet is the best way to control weight. When we exercise regularly, strengthen the muscles. Muscle cells burn more calories than the fat cells throughout the day and even while we are at rest. This also allows us to increase metabolism. We have to bear in mind that physical exercise: substantially reduces the loss of muscle. It is known that a person who loses weight doing only diet, every 8 pounds lost approximately 2 are muscle. It decreases to un20% metabolism of resting (resistance to lose weight), which occurs when only made diet. You can improve the figures for blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides even without losing weight. It provides feeling of well-being and enhances self-esteem. In principle persons who continue to form physical exercise regulate after losing weight, despite having suspended the strict diet, are more likely to maintain this weight loss. Before making a physical activity program, consult your doctor to rule out any risk. It requires a commitment of by life in relation to the time and effort. Exercise and eat well to be converted to habits, things we do without hesitation, such as bathing and brushing your teeth. Do not try to do too much in a short time. We must be patient and persevering.

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