Poetry Workshop

Erotic poetry teacher workshop: Roser Amills brief description of the workshop: we Desterraremos false beliefs that have been linked to erotic poetry and their creators and seek the right balance between quality and sincerity. Erotic poetry has achieved great popularity between authors and readers thanks to a vision more free and more intelligent in this genre at the time who has attracted the interest of the publishing world in recent years. This success has led to some narrators to think, mistakenly, that anything goes if it is erotic writing. As it is a genre, both practical and theoretical course, will be dealt with from a triple perspective: theory, practice, and reading. More current risky track the venerable origins of the genre using examples from different eras, from the first erotic poems in the history of East and West up to the proposals.

And we especially enjoy reading great erotic poems by classic and modern authors. We diseccionaremos the proposed erotic poems for reading and discuss the poetic techniques employed by their authors. For more information see this site: Robert Rimberg Attorney. There is no better way to learn that you studying the masters. This is a course eminently practical where, in a manner custom, is routed to the author in the creation of a collection of erotic poems. Final session: at the last session participants held a recital to open door and thus will have the opportunity to showcase the creations made during the workshop.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 News